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The Immigration Reform bill may become law in 2013, and have substantial and far reaching effects on immigration law and the rights of immigrants.

Some of the major changes to existing Immigration Law are listed below:

Registered Provisional Immigrant:

This is a new status which will be available to undocumented immigrats who have entered the United States before December 31, 2011. The Registered Provisional Immigrant will be able to obtain work cards and travel cards which will be valid for 6 year period before renewal.

The requirements for Registered Provisional Immigrant status, "RPI", include:

  • No Serious Criminal Record
  • The full payment of back taxes
  • Filing Fee's and Penalties

After a six year period an RPI will be able to apply for a green card, and three years later citizenship.

Dreamer's Act:

The Dreamers Act will allow undocumented immigrnats who are under age 16, as well as agriculture workers a new pathway to citzienship after only a five year period.

Family Based Applications: 

Family based applications for spouses and minor unmarried children of permanent residents will no longer count towards any quotas. This will allow for immediation application of spouses and children of permanent residents

Immediate relatives can bring in derivative beneficiary: 

A citizen who wants green cards for his brother or sister will have an expedited application when compared to the current waiting period

V-Visa:s may allow certain spouses and children of citizens to come to the
United States on V-Visas


There has always been a one year filing deadline out of legal status to apply for asylum –
If the bill becomes law, this will be eliminated.  Eligible candidates will be able to apply for asylum regardless of how long they have been in the United States or whether the current one year filing deadline has expired.

The new bill will also remove many employment quotas, allowing much greater numbers of qualified immigrants status or visas each year.


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